Sewing machine woes.

Recently, Kyle's mum very generously lent me her sewing machine, as I don't have one, and the cheapest ones cost over $300 and aren't very good. It is a little old, as it was her sewing machine when she was my age. But we oiled it up, and it still works fine, except for its little habit of catching on fire...I went over to her house, and as she was showing me how to use it there was this noise then a big cloud of acrid smoke came out. The boys came and took it outside and did things with the machinery and pronounced it fixed. It worked fine after that at her house, but I took it home and I haven't used it since. I had a look at it this morning, as I wanted to do some more work on this dress that I'm trying to make, but the belt kept slipping and it won't sew :( . I don't feel very confident about fixing it, as things always seem to go wrong whenever I'm home alone (fires, minor explosions, accidental squashing of the ferrets) and fixing it would require taking it apart, fiddling with the machine's insides, and then putting it back together. And I'm not very good at any of that.

I have the ferrets inside at the moment, and they are being very cute. However, I can't hear them, and this makes me worry.