I had the most amazing experience on Saturday. Recently I've been praying for God's guidance on some questions that I feel are just too big for me to see the answers for. I've been caught up in them, and struggling a bit, because I've felt like there is no one around here I could turn to for guidance. Until Saturday!!

Well, on Saturday afternoon I walked down to the bus stop and waited for the bus. On the weekends, the buses only come once an hour, and there is a lot of variance in the time they can come, so you have to be there early, just in case the bus is early. If you miss it, you have to wait at least another hour.
Anyway, as I stood at the bus stop, it began to rain. Really, really heavily. When I started walking, it hadn't raining, so I was dressed in my summer clothes and I very quickly got soaked. And then the rain intensified, and I just felt miserable. Overwhelmed by the rain, by the lateness of the bus (because I needed to be somewhere at 6, and it was already 5.40), and by these questions I've been struggling with. For the first time I just truly surrendered to God, and said "Lord. I need some help."

The first amazing thing was that the rain stopped. I could still see it on the hills a little further off, but all around me was dry. The second amazing thing was that a lady pulled up, stopped her car in front of me and wound down her window, and asked me where I was going. I told her, and she said she was heading that way and would I like a lift. Now, I have never accepted a lift with a stranger before (and she had never offered one before either) but I felt it was God's will that I get in the car. So I did, and we began conversing, which was when the third amazing thing happened. It turns out that she was a Christian lady who had had 7 children, and she made some comments off hand that related to the issues I've been praying for guidance on. By this stage, I knew these happenings weren't a coincidence, so I poured out my troubles, and she offered me some very wise advice, and by the time our 20 minute drive was up, I left her car feeling as though a great burden had been lifted from my shoulders.

How great is our God! That He knows our troubles, and He cares for us so tenderly. I'd love to be able to express better how this experience has affected me, but I can't! Its the first time I've really felt God's hand at work in my life. If anything, I feel so humbled that he cared enough about me, and my little prayer of "not-being-able-to-cope" when I didn't even know what I was praying for, except His help. And He gave it. In such a perfect way, so that I received aid in all the areas that I needed it. As you might be able to tell, I'm a little moved by the experience! Thanks be to God!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." (Proverbs 3:5)


ladygreen said...

Hey! I'm that blog you follow :)
Australia....*sigh*....is it really everything it's hyped up to be? Cuz if it is, I really want to go there sometime!
Thanks for commenting. I love hearing from random people I don't know! Keep the comments coming (yup, I'm selfish like that).

Grace said...

lol. I'm not sure what Australia is hyped up to be. Let me know, and I'll tell you if you're right or not. However it is completely true that we all have pet kangaroos, that we ride around on, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying, because if everyone knew how cool our kangaroos were, they'd all want to come here, and then there wouldn't be enough kangas to go round. :P :P

As to the comments, you're welcome. As an aspiring writer, i know much thought and effort goes into any kind of writing, whether it be published on the internet, or on paper (or not published at all). Feedback can make it seem all the more worthwhile! ^_^