Sing it out, take what is left of me, make it a melody

I'm really loving this song at the moment "Sing it out" by the Christian band Switchfoot.

I'd struggle to pick out just one part that I like best, as all of it really speaks to me at the moment.

Have a listen, hope you like it :)


I checked the date on my last post. It was a year ago.


I confess, I don't really have much time to blog these days. Life has become very busy recently. A wonderful man asked me to marry him :), so consequently, wedding planning now takes up what little free time I had before.

We're getting some pictures taken soon, so I should post them here.

And now, I must dash. I do doubt anyone reads this any more, but if you do *waves*. Nice to see you! I'll try post more, I promise!


May 27 Update: Thanks to the blessing of God, and His working through the thousands of people who supported us, we have met our June 3 goal of $51,644 a week early! Honestly, we never expected to receive this much response, and are in awe of the Lord's mercy and power!

Seriously. Wow. Simply amazing.

How good is our God!!!!!

Thats all I can say.

Experimenting with Pretzels (and Pie!)

A wonderful new store has opened up in Melbourne Central called Pretzel World. On the days I go through there to get to the station I love to buy a lovely warm soft pretzel for my lunch. I went through there yesterday, and couldn't buy one because I didn't bring any money with me. But my tastebuds still wanted one none the less, so there was nothing for it than to try baking them at home.

I used the Soft Pretzel recipe from here and didn't make any modifications. I think they turned out pretty well for a first timer ^_^
The top one had been boiled in the bi-carb mix, and the bottom one was just about to be boiled.

A salted pretzel. (This one was the prettiest I think :) )

Plain pretzels.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the bi-carby taste, and they weren't as soft as I hoped they'd be. Tonight I'm going to try baking these pretzels for breakfast at work tomorrow. Lets hope they turn out as good as the ones in the picture!

I'm also excited to be experimenting with this Apple Pie recipe from Tracey at Mama's Fixins. Wish me luck!


My poor blog, I neglect it so! Here is a brief photo post of sorts to share some things that have been going on recently.
My university campus is starting to look lovely with all the pretty autumn leaves falling. It is a lot quieter too, now that classes are over and everyone is studying for exams, which I do appreciate.

I decided to take two of my ferrets down to a local park to give them some "out-of-cage" time. Much cuteness ensued. Yeti (below) was a shelter ferret, and to my knowledge this was his first time in the great outdoors. He spent a lot of time trying to hide in my shirt when I was sitting down. I don't think he liked being outside very much!

And some beautiful pictures of New Zealand. My wonderful grandparents are coming to see us soon, which is something I'm looking forward to. Its amazing to think that our family trip to New Zealand was five months ago. Time has flown!

Little Tait

Little Tait's Preemie Fund

I heard about this from Jasmine at Joyfully Home. Basically, Tait was born 3 months premature, and his family need some help from the body of Christ to pay a medical bill of $51, 644 by June 3rd and as he was born premature, he was born too early to be covered by his parents medical insurance. They've already raised close to $30,000 already. They still need some help, so if you can pray for them or can donate, I'm sure they'd appreciate it heaps. Here is Tait's story:

"My name is Tait Zimmerman Jr. and I am a little baby boy who, without the help of modern medicine, dedicated care and God's hand, would not be alive today! I was born 3 months before I should have been and am miraculously doing well today. I spent the first three months of my life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, cared for by some terrific doctors and nurses! Now my mommy and daddy have to get creative to pay the hospital, doctors and the whole team who took care of me. They have included a lot of information for you on this site about me, and our specific needs. Thank you for your consideration and support!"

You can also check out his website at