My poor blog, I neglect it so! Here is a brief photo post of sorts to share some things that have been going on recently.
My university campus is starting to look lovely with all the pretty autumn leaves falling. It is a lot quieter too, now that classes are over and everyone is studying for exams, which I do appreciate.

I decided to take two of my ferrets down to a local park to give them some "out-of-cage" time. Much cuteness ensued. Yeti (below) was a shelter ferret, and to my knowledge this was his first time in the great outdoors. He spent a lot of time trying to hide in my shirt when I was sitting down. I don't think he liked being outside very much!

And some beautiful pictures of New Zealand. My wonderful grandparents are coming to see us soon, which is something I'm looking forward to. Its amazing to think that our family trip to New Zealand was five months ago. Time has flown!