Experimenting with Pretzels (and Pie!)

A wonderful new store has opened up in Melbourne Central called Pretzel World. On the days I go through there to get to the station I love to buy a lovely warm soft pretzel for my lunch. I went through there yesterday, and couldn't buy one because I didn't bring any money with me. But my tastebuds still wanted one none the less, so there was nothing for it than to try baking them at home.

I used the Soft Pretzel recipe from here and didn't make any modifications. I think they turned out pretty well for a first timer ^_^
The top one had been boiled in the bi-carb mix, and the bottom one was just about to be boiled.

A salted pretzel. (This one was the prettiest I think :) )

Plain pretzels.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the bi-carby taste, and they weren't as soft as I hoped they'd be. Tonight I'm going to try baking these pretzels for breakfast at work tomorrow. Lets hope they turn out as good as the ones in the picture!

I'm also excited to be experimenting with this Apple Pie recipe from Tracey at Mama's Fixins. Wish me luck!