Quick Update

Things I am enjoying at the moment
Having an oven
Baking bread
Working productively.
Bible study at uni
Sewing my dress. It will soon be too cold to wear it, but I intend to combine it with a cardigan and I'm sure it will be fine. Its Melbourne, Australia, its not like its going to rain or anything :P

Things I'm not enjoying at the moment
Uni. In general.
Socialist Alternative people making nuisances of themselves and being disruptive all around campus.
And the general extreme socially liberal attitudes on campus.
Having Al Gore's "An inconvenient truth" be one of the texts for one of my subjects. Whatever your position on global warming, you can't deny that the film is riddled with errors and he is wrong at best, and dishonest, misleading and manipulative at worst.

I'm thankful for

  • My wonderful family
  • Being able to fellowship without fear of persecution
  • An abundance of good food.
  • God's faithfulness.
I'm praying for:
  • Strength
  • Patience
  • Wisdom