Government Censorship

This makes me so mad!

Our government is trying to censor the web. They say that this is to protect children, which I would support, but I've been suspicious that this is just a front for them to censor those who don't share their views. However today my suspicions were confirmed when I read this.

It just makes me so mad that our government, which funds abortion through Medicare, and keeps passing laws making it easier for women to kill their babies at later and later stages, can stand in front of the nation, and state that they are committed to protecting children, while at the same time, they are calling Pro-Life websites "prohibited content". The website is hosted outside Australia, but if it were in Australia, its ISP would be asked to remove it.

The hypocrisy of it all is breathtaking. They are trying to push through deeply unpopular legislation, on the basis that it is necessary to protect children, but at the same time, they are actively surpressing Pro-Life websites and information, as it is "unsuitable" and "prohibited content" and also funding over 80 000 abortions a year .

I sure am glad that the Australian government is so committed to protecting children. I'd hate to see what things are like if they weren't.