Peace and questions

I've prayed some more, and I feel more peaceful. Whatever happens to my little Boo isn't in my hands. He seems better now, he is sleeping peacefully all cuddled up in a blanket. I don't think he is out of the wood yet, and I admit, he is in such a deep sleep that I am concerned he could be unconscious. I accidentally let his head slip so he was hanging upside down, and he didnt wake up! But like I said, its not in my hands.

But, I have a question, and I can't find the answer to it. Is it in Gods hands?

I don't mean is it something God has control over, because of course He is Lord over everything. Just, what my primary school teacher said about praying for animals is sticking in my head. What I'm really asking is, does God care about animals? And I don't mean that in the crazy vegetarian nature worshiping environmentalist kind of way. I think God wants us to save souls more than He wants us to save the whales/ trees/ chipmunks/ earthworms. But does he care about them? Does it matter if we pray for them? Should we pray for them? Or is it too worldly?

Some photos of the poor wee thing (please excuse my messy desk, I can only blame some of it on the ferrets :P)