A proper photo dump.

More photos.

A couple of photos of the ferrets, taken as we left at 5am for the airport.

A few from the ferry, as we were leaving Auckland.

The city is on the harbour, so ferries are a main form of transport there.

Leaving the city we got some beautiful scenery.

As we entered the Firth of Thames, it got choppier, and I stopped taking photos.

Some photos of the beach near we are staying. As you can see, it was just another lovely New Zealand summers day.

Pohutukawa (N.Z Christmas Tree)

This has been my view a bit recently. I've been sick, so I've spent a bit of time lying down in the hamock. I suppose there are worse things in life than having to laze, swinging in the breeze.

Some photos from the drive to Rotorua.

That plume rising from the road isn't cloud, its steam from all the volcanic activity that goes on around Rotorua. The city is on a lake, and I think the lake is actually a volcano crater. I'm not sure if it is still active or not, but all the activity heats the water to about 40 degrees celcius as it comes out of the ground. Pretty nice for a dip, as opposed to the miserable weather we've been having on the Coromandel. Although you can't put your head under the water, as there is something in the water that is really bad if it gets up your eyes, nose or ears.

There are two lakes in these pictures, one is called Green lake and the other is called Blue lake, athough, because it was raining when we went there, they were both Grey lakes. However the one on the right, Blue lake, is also a volcano crater, and its REALLY DEEP.

And a few photos from a hike yesterday.

Finally! That took a long time. Does anyone know an easier way to add pictures than adding them, scrolling up to move them down, and pressing enter a gazillion times to get the formatting right again? It annoys me that I can't add the pictures where the cursor is. Is there anyway to do this?

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Anna B. said...

Oh how pretty!!! I love the water...I have only been to see the Ocean once though...
We serve an awesome God!

Grace said...

We sure do ^_^